When My Swap Family Does A Super Hero Event – Hime Marie & Sophia West

What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Hime Marie and her swap brother Kyle Mason have joined their swap parents Sophia West and Charles Dera in a costumed marathon. They’re eager to get home and shower, but there’s a problem: they can’t get their skintight body suits off. Soon enough, both girls are on their knees trying to help the boys out of their suits. When the suits both rip to let the dicks dangle free, the girls are both shocked and aroused.

Hime is the first to start sucking as she opens wide to take swap daddy’s fuck stick in her mouth. Sophia isn’t far behind. The boys want more than just a BJ, and the girls are more than willing. Hopping onto the couch, Sophia and Hime get on their knees. Kyle slides home into Sophia’s twat, while Charles fills Hime’s cooch right up in doggy. The boys take a seat on the couch while the girls swap partners. When they resume fucking, Sophia rides Charles’s fuck stick while Hime rides Kyle’s.

After a brief interlude where the ladies suck their own juices off their respective dicks, they get on their backs so they can get their pussies pounded. Charles takes on Hime’s pussy, while Kyle goes back to his swap mommy Sophia. As Charles reaches his big finish, he shoves deep to give Hime a big creampie. Kyle pops a moment later to give Sophia a matching pussy full of cum that dribbles from her greedy snatch.