Watch Your Step – Paige Owens

SCENE OPENS on Bill (John Strong) in his bedroom. He seems nervous and anxious as he puts the finishing touches on the room, smoothing out wrinkles on the bed and arranging the pillows in a very specific way. He looks around the room, appraising all the details. He notices something is slightly off – there is a pillow where it shouldn’t be on the bed. He rushes over, putting the pillow slightly askew. Judging by the care he is taking, it’s clear that he is staging a very specific scene.

At that moment, the doorbell rings. Bill takes a deep breath, smoothing out his clothes as he goes to answer the door.

Bill answers the door, meeting Amanda (Paige Owens), an escort, for the first time. Bill has given her very specific instructions (including how to dress) for a roleplay fantasy.

Bill leads Amanda inside past a set of stairs to the living room. Bill is oddly insistent about Amanda not using the stairs.

As they talk, it becomes clear that Amanda will be roleplaying as Bill’s stepdaughter, Darcy. But something seems off about Bill as he tells Amanda to meet him in his bedroom. As Bill gets up and leaves, Amanda watches him go, a hint of nervousness showing on her face now. What has she gotten herself INTO?

Actors: Paige Owens