Surprise Morning Slurpage From My Step-Daughter – Mackenzie Mace

After a long day at work sometimes I crash on the couch, which I did today but I was woken up but a good but strange feeling. I look down to see what is happening and I can not believe I see my Step-Daughter Mackenzie sucking me off, she was just giving me a blowjob well I was out on the couch. I freak out as any Step-Dad would, Mackenzie tells me to relax and reassures me that her Step-Mom is out and will be out for a while. I gotta admit the way she was sucking my cock felt so good even though it was wrong. Mackenzie wants to feel Step-Daddy inside of her and who am I to tell her no. I let her slide my big dick deep in her tight pussy, I can not believe I am fucking my hot tight Step-Daughter while my Wife is out.

Actors: Mackenzie Mace