Step Sibling Forbidden Fuck – Jocelyn Stone

As Tyler gets ready to go to the gym, his step-sister Jocelyn sneaks around and waits for him to leave. Once the door closes, Jocelyn walks into Tyler’s room and goes through his underwear cabinet. She must’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. But then, Tyler comes back in the house and catches her red-handed! She was shy at first until Tyler said it was hot and he always wanted to fuck his step-sister. She secretly also has been wanting to fuck her step-brother, too. He begins to finger and eat Jocelyn’s tight little pussy until she couldn’t handle it anymore. Then they get to business when he throws off the bed sheets and starts to fuck her in so many different positions. Watch until the end when Jocelyn’s boobs help Tyler shoot fresh jizz all over her face.

Actors: Jocelyn Stone