Step Family Charades – Kira Perez & Lilith Morningstar

We’re playing charades today with Kira and her step family as they’re getting to know each other better. Jonathan starts off with something simple that didn’t take long to figure out and step mom Morningstar got a little creative for her category but we think it’s sexy. Her category gets figured out and now it’s time for Kira’s turn to play and this is where things get spicy. Kira starts to take off her clothes which freak her step parents out but no worries, she knows what she’s doing. She gets fully naked and Jonathan can’t look away. After they figure out what Kira’s category was, step mom finds out that Joanthan has a boner! He can’t resist how hot his step daughter is. Morningstar walks to Kira and tells her a secet so good that Kira had to share with her step dad. Lucky for him, Morningstar is letting young Kira take over his boner and give him a good time! With no opposition, Jonathan was ready to show his step daughter his massive cock. Watch Kira slob on Jonathan’s cock until they start fucking in multiple positions and watch until the end to see Kira’s beautiful face get smothered in jizz.