Step Bro Revenge Fuck – Kira Perez

Kira is pissed off that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. Her stepbrother, Leo, is in the room listening to the drama unfold before his eyes. She confides to her brother that she wants revenge but doesn’t know how to do it. After a moment, she realizes that the only way to get back at a cheater is to cheat. But with who? She figures out the best person is the one she’s with now, her stepbro Leo. She grabs him by the dick and starts sucking it all while recording. Leo is taken aback but decides to go with the flow and help his step-sister. They start fucking doggy and filming it. You can tell she loves every minute of it; he fucks better than her boyfriend. She begs for her stepbrother’s cum, and he gives her a big load all over the face. She sent it to her man immediately.

Actors: Kira Perez