Ma… What The Fuck!?! This Happened Last Thanksgiving – Armani Black

Man, I (Peter Green) love Thanksgiving! The food, the family, the fun- it’s all great. When my girlfriend invited me to her stepmom’s for Thanksgiving dinner, I was excited. Once I saw her mom, Armani Black, I was even more excited. What a MILF! We got on like peas in a pod at dinner, I think the ol’ ball chain was getting a little jealous. When Armani started rubbing her finely pedicured toes all over my cock under the table, I understood why. I mean, I was down with being flirty but this was intense! I rushed to the bathroom to think for a moment & my girlfriend’s mother made her way in. I tried to resist but when she took out her big tits I couldn’t help myself, I shoved my hard cock between them & fucked those fun bags. I turned her around, slammed her against the wall & pounded her hard from behind, making her cum all over my cock. She sat on my big dick and let me fuck her hard from below, inciting more orgasms from this hot MILF. Finally, she sucked my cock and let me shoot a big load all over her huge boobs. For whatever reason my girlfriend wouldn’t come back to the dinner table after Armani & I left the bathroom. A bit dramatic if you ask me!?

Actors: Armani Black